‘Try as I might I could never understand how garage door springs worked so I simply decided to call Kent Garage Door Repair to come fix them, that was the best decision I could ever have made.’ – Anderson H

‘Why I wasted so much time, effort and money on other companies before Kent Garage Door Repair I will never know. I want no one else but them working on my garage door systems.’ – Hank F

‘I am sick and tired of over-promising and under-delivering companies. Kent Garage Door Repair is not one of them fortunately.’ – Grace Kendal

‘My mother came on over the other day to visit and remarked how lovely our garage door looked. It made me so happy. She isn’t the first either!!’ – Nelly English

‘It was rather a bold decision on my part to try out something new for a change. I listened to all the options the garage door people gave me and went for something different, they call it a retractable door. Normally I would have gone for a traditional wooden door. I must say I like this new modern door.’ – Walter K

‘The worst time to have your garage door refuse to open is when you are going to an appointment! You can imagine my frustration when I discovered I was stuck in my garage. Long story short, I later contacted Kent Garage Door Repair and they came and fixed the door.’ – Langton Green

‘I miscalculated the length of my garage door and bought the wrong size. What a blunder. Fortunately Kent Garage Door Repair agents are so professional, they helped me rectify my embarrassing mistake.’ – Brian J

‘In all of my life I had never changed a garage door opener before and I didn’t even know what it was until my door wouldn’t open. I am just thankful that my children knew who to call in that moment because I was stuck. Two servicemen from Kent Garage Door Repair came on over and fixed the opener. They were very courteous and respectful at all times.’ – Katie Pepper

‘Kent Garage Door Repair agents work so fast, so diligently and so professionally. I highly recommend them to everyone with a garage door project.’ – Gloria D

‘SimpliKent really is the best form of sophistication. We didn’t want anything too over the top and are happy with our simple steel door.’ Timothy and Dorothy Cohen