• Fixing and replacing of broken torsion springs
  • Rollers Repair / Replace
  • Springs AdjustmentScreenshot_6
  • Springs Maintenance
  • Snapped Cable Repair
  • Spring / Cable Installation
  • Garage Door Extension Springs
  • And Much more …..


Many people don’t have the foggiest idea what garage door springs are used for or where they are located on their garage door system. If you don’t know either that’s okay. If your door is working smoothly then all is well.  Only when the springs break should you have reason to worry.

For those who are not sure what garage door springs are or what their purpose is, here is a quick summary to help you:

Garage doors are weighty pieces of equipment and as such require another component to help them counterbalance this weight – hello springs. So in essence if your door weighs 250 pounds, then it is highly probable that the spring force of your springs is also 250 pounds (that’s a whole lot of force you do NOT want to be messing around with). This is one of the primary functions and roles of garage door springs. A second and equally important role played by these springs is that of making the door easier to close and open. Yes ladies and gentlemen, without these springs your garage door would be next to impossible to open.

These all important springs need experts to install and remove them. When the time comes to get your garage door springs replaced be sure to request the services of our highly skilled team at Kent Garage Door Repair.